I have got beta invite from Brizzly last week and I have been testing it for sometimes. Brizzly is a web based Twitter application that allows users to upload the pictures on its own server, ability to put the users into group and images and videos like Youtube video link are shown in status messages. Auto updating status is nice as well. Since Brizzly is in beta state, you need to get invitation from it. I have 10 invites from Brizzly. If you want to get invite code, just leave comment with your twitter username. I will sent to you.



posterous_logo1 I have been using Posterous for a while. I haven’t write anything about it yet. I might be late to write about it or may be you don’t know it yet. Posterous is very simple service allows you to post everything to anywhere by just emailing to [email protected]. It will automatically posts to any services that you have authorized in your account. No signup required (how cool it is), just email to [email protected]. It will automatically signup for you with posterous url. (example: After that you can authorize web sites like Facebook, twitter, Flickr, etc. in your account. Another feature is that you can add another email addresses if you want to allow yourself or someone to post in your Posterous account. You should try it out!