OhLife! – your personal online journal

It may be look like blogging tool but actually it is not. Ohlife is a web service that let you write note or activities on your daily life by replying their reminder email which OhLife sent you every day or week. You just simply reply the email to write your new entry at OhLife. It is private and nobody can see what you wrote. The design layout at ohlife is pretty neat and it uses beautiful typography. You should try it out!


posterous_logo1 I have been using Posterous for a while. I haven’t write anything about it yet. I might be late to write about it or may be you don’t know it yet. Posterous is very simple service allows you to post everything to anywhere by just emailing to [email protected]. It will automatically posts to any services that you have authorized in your account. No signup required (how cool it is), just email to [email protected]. It will automatically signup for you with posterous url. (example: youremail.posterous.com). After that you can authorize web sites like Facebook, twitter, Flickr, etc. in your account. Another feature is that you can add another email addresses if you want to allow yourself or someone to post in your Posterous account. You should try it out!

State of the blogsophere 2008

Technorati just released the state of Blogosphere 2008 report today. Statistics show that

  • 133 millions blog records indexed by Technorati since 2002
  • 7.4 million blogs posted in last 120 days
  • 1.5 million blogs posted in last 7 days
  • 900,000 blog posts in 24 hours
  • 76, 000 blogs with Technorati Authority of 50+
  • Top 100 blogs by Technorati Authority

My question is how many spam blogs and dead blogs in 133 millions blog?

See more about State of the Blogosphere at Technorati.

Rejaw – another Twitter meme?

I write about Twitter too much here. Rejaw is a micro blogging service that let you post shouts, replies with your friends, family and co-workers on Rejaw. The service is just launched and not too much to say. There is only one Mac app, Rejaw Radar, is available to update your shouts, whispers and replies on Rejaw. API is also available at Google Groups. Is it another twitter meme?


Claim your Twitter in Technorati

I have just read the post fom BlogHerald reported that Technorati is now indexing Twitter. So our twitts will be indexed after we claimed our twitter profile. So we can now search our twitter messages in Technorati? Anyway, if you have not claimed your twitter in Technorati yet, just do it now. To claim your Twitter in Technorati.

  1. Login to your Technorati account.
  2. Go to the blogs tab in your account.
  3. Type your twitter url in “Claim a Blog” and Click ‘Begin Claim
  4. Click ‘Use Post Claim‘.
  5. Copy the code given by Technorati and post in your twitter (you can delete it later on)
  6. Come back to Technorati and Click ‘Release the Spider!
  7. You’ve done! and your Twitter page is claimed.

Claim your Blog in Technorati

Claim A Blog

Choose claim method

Choose Claim Method

Activate the claim

Activate the claim

Post the code given by Technorati.

Post to Twitter

And come back to Twitter again and click ‘Release the Spiders!

Done! your Twitter page is claimed.

Twitter in Technorati

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MyBlogLog refreshed Profile page

I just noticed that MyBlogLog refreshed my profile page after I logged in. Profile page shows the latest updates from all of the services of my contacts. When I clicked on new with Me on my profile page. It only shows all the updates from services which I added in MyBlogLog’s setting page. This is a nice change from MyBlogLog because we can get news and information from our contacts’ updates.

MyBlogLog Profile Page

Here few notes from Official MyBlogLog blog

  • if you’re looking at someone’s profile, you’ll see a list of updates from their services
  • if you’re looking at your own profile, you’ll see a collective view of updates from all your contacts
  • on any page, you can toggle to the other view

The updates are pulled from public data available from the services you’ve entered into your MyBlogLog profile. The more services you add, the richer this section will become.

You can join this blog or Add me as your contact.