Month: February 2010

  • Inbox2


    Inbox2 a desktop client application for combining all your Emails and Social messaging in one place. It can fetch all the mails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, MS Exchange mail servers, IMAP and POP3 account as well. Not only that It can receive and update to your Facebook, Twitter, Yammer and LinkedIn updates and messages.

  • Retro Vintage Photoshop Action

    Retro Vintage Photoshop Action

    In Photoshop, Photoshop actions are the collection of adjustment steps which may contain adjusting color and situation, gradient mapping, adjusting color balance, etc. It is really useful and save you a lot of time when you’re editing bunch of photos to get the same effect. I am falling in love with retro and vintage photos…

  • PicPick – All-in-one design tool

    PicPick – All-in-one design tool

    PicPick is not just a screen capturing tool. It has everything you need from screen capturing to measuring pixel distance on the screen. Simple interface and easy to use its tools from Windows system tray. Built-in Image Editor allows you to do all the basic operations. If you are looking for something like this, PicPick…