iPod Touch in my hand

Last monday, I ordered 16GB iPod Touch 2nd Generation from Apple Store Thailand. I received it yesterday. I was playing around with it like a kid the whole day. There is only one thing make me upset that iTunes does not allow me to register in iTunes store as they mentioned I’m using Debit VISA which is not allowed yet in Thailand. But I did buying it using that card from Apple Thai online store though. So weird for me. Features are so nice especially magnify lens, date selector wheel which I did not notice before while I was using other ones :P. I have new playful gadget in my bag now.

iPod Touch

iPod Touch engraved


5 responses to “iPod Touch in my hand”

  1. Hi, congratz on your purchase. I also dreaming to get it but have to wait for my result :P

    You live in Thailand or Myanmar? Thailand got Apple Store?

  2. I’m living in Thailand. So you do?

  3. OMG very cool. I used it too.
    but Touch Gen 2 not Jailbreak now, enjoy !

  4. good? I can’t afford it yet :(

  5. Nope. Im in your neighbourhood, Malaysia. Just recently Malaysia got iTunes store but still no Apple Store. 2nd gen have been jb but the software yet to be release because not user friendly.