A corner of YaDaNarBon Palace

A corner of YaDaNarBon Palace

A corner of YaDaNarBon Palace


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  1. bro: it’s really a good idea sharing the landmark for your town. Lemme enjoy more of similar arts. it’s been couples of years that i did not go Mandalay. it’s such a lovely. a place which possess many historical buildings and yes the last kingdom of Myanmar kings.

  2. nice shot :) btw, ur template is cool.

  3. good picture here, I ‘m following on twitter, good luck,
    say hey

  4. Ko Ye Lwin Oo, Ko Chan and Heinz

    Thank for your comments.

  5. Su Hlaing Avatar
    Su Hlaing

    I want to know about Mandalay.Can u tell me?

  6. OH oh………….
    I very miss Yadanabon(Mandalay).Thank 4 sharing.
    Keep hope alive.Good Luck.

  7. purple hyacinth Avatar
    purple hyacinth

    A nice photo! The scene is wonderfully amazing.
    Finial, ramparts, barbicans, the wall and the moat of YaDaNarBon Palace are so beautiful.
    I have never been to Mandalay. I want to go there.
    I think it is an interesting town of Burma.