Back in those days, people normally stopped by whenever they see such clay pots. Yes, just to have a sip of water to heal their thirst along the way. On the other hand, the donors fill up these pots with clean water believing to attain the blessings from Lord Buddha in their next lives. Nowadays, advancement in our lifestyles and society introduced so called BOTTLED DRINKING WATER. Consequently, I’m not sure whether we will see such clay pots in the future .


Do you see plastic strings attaching the cups. Any guess? :D


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  1. Nyi Lay yay… Thanks for sharing… I was thinking to post such photo on my blog soon. Similar pots, but different serve, bro!! Ever see clay pots around the BANYAN trees in pagodas? Yes, this is what I have.
    It’s good to see such shots, bro. A scene which you cannot find in other countries. Proud to be Burmese…

  2. I used to have the post with the title CLAY POT also.
    Check out here http://yelwinoo.com/nature-arts/clay-pots.html/

  3. hsu hlaing Avatar
    hsu hlaing

    u r as smart as my friend -YLO i think
    but i dun know who is smarter :P
    thanks for sharing photos
    i like all :)