Old woman at Shwedagon

I saw the old woman trying to get some support from the people who come to Shwedagon Pagoda. You can see those people everywhere especially near Pagoda and some famous places when you visit to Myanmar. I felt sadness but I can do nothing. I took a shot and came back to Home.


2 responses to “Old woman at Shwedagon”

  1. The old woman at shwedagon, I think it depend on country ! Especially, political and economic.Country is rich but people are poor!

  2. Some people are homeless. Some people have plenty of properties. Why different like sky and earth? You know reason? Everybody in Myanmar knows that reason exactly.
    Whatever, we can do helping hands as much as we can for orphanages and homeless adults. But not effeicient as much as governments organisations’ support. We cannot help it for that. :(