8 Attractive PhpBB Templates and 6 FREE PhpBB Templates Galleries

Last week, friend of mind asks me that where he can get FREE PHPBB templates. I was looking around and googling in internet. I found a lot of nice and cool PHPBB templates. I visited those sites, downloaded and tested the following templates in my machine. (Currently, I’m using PHPBB 2). Then I list those sites and mailed back to him. But what I remembered is that some also need template for their PHPBB forum and may be they’re still looking for right PHPBB template. So I make a post and took screenshot and listed in my blog. I hope this post will help you who’re looking for PHPBB template.

1. xand

Xand PHPBB Templates

2. nDesign

nDesign PHPBB Templates

3. Conundrum

conundrum PHPBB Templates

4. DAJ Glass

DJ Glass PHPBB Template

5. Acid Tech

Acid Tech PHPBB Template

6. Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitun PHPBB template

7. TJM1

TJN1 PHPBB Template

8. What is real and What is real life ?

What is real and What is real life PHPBB template

Credit to : PhpBB.Com

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3. PhpBBCast.com


phpBBCast’s Style Category

4. Trushkin.net


5. PhpBBStyles.com


6. ThemesBase.com



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