Kolorful WordPress Theme

Kolorful WordPress Theme

Now, it’s features are :

  • Three Columns
  • Page links show in Navigation
  • Two Columns when viewing in single post
  • Can get Printable version on each post (I’ve put extra print.css for printing, well work in both IE and Firefox. But I did not test for Safari yet)
  • Can set different color in Sidebar headers
  • Alternative color in comments
  • Excerpt posts for Archive, Category and Search
  • Archives.php (use for Page) includes list of Month, Year and Category

Kolorful Theme
.Zip includes manual help file

Updated : I’ve uploaded this theme in wordpress theme directory.

Suggestions or questions about this template ? Please leave a comment.

2nd Updated : For widget compatible,

Kolorful Theme (Widget Ready)
.Zip includes manual help file

If you think that this kolorful WordPress Theme is very useful for your blog, you can make a small donation which will boost me to create more themes in future.

Kolorful WordPress Theme (Widget Compatible)

Kolorful WordPress Theme (Widget Compatible)


78 responses to “Kolorful WordPress Theme”

  1. I really like this WordPress theme. I think i will use it for my website because i like it’s colours. Your site is cool, too.

  2. WOW! Beautiful work.

    And your site looks amazing! I am RSSing you smile

  3. Wooh..!! Oh my god! Its great. This theme looks totally cool and wonderful. :)

  4. This is a great looking theme, is it compatible with WP 2.7+?

  5. I have another question. The them is great, i really like it.

    I have tried putting some sidebar-content inte the footer (Follow with RSS, contact me and things like that)

    Can you help me with that?

  6. Wooh..!! Oh my god! Its great. This theme looks totally cool and wonderful. :)

  7. Just like everyone else, i think this is a pretty clean theme.

  8. I thought there was excellent themes, thank you for sharing, I appreciate it alot!!

  9. Absolutely great themes, and it’s real simple and easy to use. I am using it now on my website!
    Thanks a bunch

  10. This is a great looking theme, is it compatible with WP 2.7+?

  11. It’s great.i think this is a pretty clean theme.

  12. Link: charlotte Avatar
    Link: charlotte

    Great advice! I will definitely use this!

  13. charlotte nc real estate Avatar
    charlotte nc real estate

    You make it sound so simple!

  14. I love this Kolorful Theme. I know it will garner use far and wide amongst the community. Great work!

  15. No doubt this is one of the finer WordPress themes available. I plan on giving it a go in my blog!

  16. Having a theme generator probly saves a handful, themes are wicked expensive.

  17. this theme looks cool and chic, i like it. may i know the specific differents between the firs and the second version.? which one should i choose? thank u

  18. I like this theme alot. Is it compliant with WordPress 2.8?

  19. Love this whole theme idea!

  20. realy nice, i like it !!

  21. Very cool free theme! I am considering a new theme to tie into
    This site
    , yours may just work!

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  23. Like the theme idea too Dan SomersSuffolk Seo Services

  24. Love the themes… alright now you’ve gotta tell me where I can find some more lol !
    Dan’s Freebies

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  26. thanks for sharing this amazin wordpress theme, I wil use it in my next website

  27. larrylaffer1987 Avatar

    Great Theme… when will there be an update to it?