Friendsheet – Browse Facebook photos like Pinterest

If you’re using Pinterest you might want to take a look at this site called, Friendsheet. Friendsheet is a new way to browse your friends photos posted in Facebook just like Pinterest. To use it, you only have to login with your Facebook account.


If you personally prefer to look at the photo updates only from your friends, you should definitely use this Friendsheet.


8 responses to “Friendsheet – Browse Facebook photos like Pinterest”

  1. Interesting…I am just starting with Pinterest and so far, it is fun.

  2. Friendsheet…this is new….It’s my first time to hear it. I like looking and collecting pictures so I might try this.

  3. Jadhav_deepak1981 Avatar

    It is fun…..yaar.. Nice..

  4. Thanks for the sharing such an nice post…..

  5. What a wonderful story of your family coming to California and making the place better because you were there.

  6. so beatidul. i lke very much…

  7. Nice idea, unfortunately I don’t use Pinterest so much yet …