Speed Linking 20 April 2007

I think that the following links are useful for you who are going to blog. Some of the links are saved in my reader a long time ago. I don’t have much time to requote the posts from the following links in my blog. That’s why I made a speed linking post.

Backup your blog with BlogBackupOnline


Sometimes, we mistakenly delete some posts in our blog or even we delete the entire blog url. What can you do if you did it ?

BlogBackupOnline, A free blog backup service allows you to backup your blog from unexpected situation. It supports popular blogging system such as b2evolution, Blogger, Drupal, Livejournal, Movable Type, Serendipity, Microsoft Live Spaces, WordPress (your own domain), and wordpress.com. It offers 50MB of free space and you can sent an email to their support team to increase your space if you use more than the limit they offers. For me, 50MB is enough.

You can use BlogBackupOnline as an migration tool because it can migrate your blog entries to any blog platforms which I mentioned in above.

BlogBackupOnline Features

  • Automatic scan your posts
  • Can backup including comments
  • Can add multiple blogs
  • Can Migrate posts from one blog platform to another
  • 50MB of free storage
  • Can export as xml format

For blogger user who wants backup your blog or move your posts from blogger to WordPress. I suggest that you to use this service. Fore more information read their online help

via : AdGlobe Tech Blog

My very first time blogging with WordPress

This is my very first time blogging with WordPress on my own domain. Before I blog in here, I’ve two blogs, one is http://myochauhtun.blogspot.com, my personal blog has various categories, and tips for changing blogger template. Another is http://bloggerbetatemplate.blogspot.com, this is just a collection of blogger beta templates made by myself. I’ve spent some of my leisure time in changing templates and writing some hacks for blogger previously made by blogger beta hackers.

I’ve bought this domain for the last couple of months. At first, I was not sure which blog software I’m going to use for my personal site. And finally, I decided to use WordPress because wordpress is a blog/free content management system software which can be hosted in own domain and most of the blogs in all over the word are using it. After I installed it , I wanted to use custom template and then I was looking for template in http://themes.wordpress.net/ and some other web sites. I picked up 5 themes Black N White v1 1.0, Blue Kino, Fresh 1.2, Japanese Cherry Blossom and this one Just Skins

I chose Just Skins because of It’s clean two columns layout and printable. I changed default background color and fonts. Now I’m using my own theme named Kolorful WordPress Theme and installed plugins are