Increase your image resolution with Let’

Increasing the low quality resolution images wasn’t ideal to do in any kind of photo editing softwares under any circumstances. Especially when you receive a 600px by 400px from the client and they wanted you to put in social media profile and websites. And when you asked them for higher resolution and most of the reply from them is that’s all they got.

Let’ Before and After is a AI powered web based tool allows you to upload low quality images and turned them into higher image quality like 2x 3x or even 5x so that you can use your images for web, social media, or even printing. Dashboard

First, you have to sign up with your email account. allows 5 credits / images in their free plan so that you can test their tool. The dashboard looks simple and pretty straigh forward. Upload your photo and you can select photo, digital art and select tone and color enhance if it is required. You can also use their existing presents like printing or e-commerce. After you have selected you can click “Start Processing”. It will take only few seconds to process and you can download the photos you’ve just uploaded.

I’ve been using their free plan and I only have 1 credit left as you can see in the screenshot. Overall, I’m really impressed with the results from and I suggest you should try it out.

Noise Texture Generator

Tired of creating noise texture in Photoshop? You might want to take a look at this site. Noise Texture Generator lets you to select noise opacity, noise density and color to create noise texture background which you can use in your web site projects or design. It is simply slide and select the color. Once you’re satisfied, click Download to download the texture.


PicMonkey – yet another awesome photo editing tool

Editing photos with Photoshop will take sometimes but with PicMonkey, you can get some of the effects with few mouse clicks. PicMonkey is an online photo editing tools let you upload your photos and apply effects, add text, change/resize, and add frame with simple clicks.


It doesn’t require login or registration. One thing I noticed is that it shows PicMonkey logo badge on your photo while editing but it doesn’t show when you save the image.

Tips for generating Fake Facebook Status

You have probably seen funny Facebook status messages with celebrities names or famous people.  Yet, many of these are fake and you can have your own fake Facebook status messages too.


One of my favorites is the Wall Machine, a online fake facebook generator let you create fake facebook status messages and it allows you to customize the photos, time, and comments. It requires to authenticate with your Facebook account.

Another service is called Fakebook Quotes, a service that doesn’t require login and it converts simple chat conversations into fake facebook status messages. The service has few limitations which are blurred photos with censored last names.

Keeping the things you done with iDoneThis

iDoneThis keeps a calendar of your completed tasks. Everyday, iDoneThis email you with “What’d you get done today?” and you just create the new entry of things you have done by simply replying the email. You can set the time zone and time you want to receive the email from iDoneThis. You can see the things you have done in the past in the iDoneThis calendar.

Create Collage Photos with Loupe

Loupe is an online photo collage tool that let you to import photos from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr accounts and make collage photo for you with simple steps. First step is to import photos from your social networking accounts like Facebook and choose the photos from each album.

Second step is to select the shape you want to make collage photos. Loupe lets you to add and remove photos and also allow you to move individual photo. Once you have done, you can share to Faceobok with the link loupe created for you.

Bedtime Calculator

Are you confusing that what time you should go to sleep when you’ve to wake up at certain time without dizziness or tired?  Just select the time you want to wake up, this bedtime calculator will shows you when you should go to sleep. As the page said, it works by counting backwards in sleep cycles.

minusFile sharing couldn’t be easier thanks to new features added in HTML5, new file sharing site offers drag and drop file sharing nowadays. is another file sharing service allows you drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your browser to start sharing or via our desktop and mobile apps  for FREE.

Tiny Letter

If you are web site owner or you like to have subscription service that you want to sent announcements to subscribers, you should check this service called Tiny Letter. Tiny Letter is a free subscription newsletter service which allows you to create newsletter for FREE. Signing up takes just few seconds. You’ll get permanent link or embed code which you can use it for your subscribers. Tiny Letter interface is simple and easy to use. When you want to send newsletter, just compose it and your newsletter subscribers will get email instantly.

Tiny Newsletter