Genman WordPress Theme

Genman WordPress Theme

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Genman WordPress Theme is :

  • Three Columns
  • Widget ready
  • Fixed width
  • Page links show in Navigation
  • Printable post
  • v1.1 shows only latest post in full and the rest are in excerpt.
  • comments with number
  • valid XHTML and CSS
Genman WordPress Theme v1.2
full post version

Icons used in this theme are property of Myo Kyaw Htun . com

Bugs Fixed

August 22, 2007

  • Shows same date in all post (fixed)
  • Shows excerpt post in v1.2 (fixed)

Thanks to The *Angriest* Pharmacist

KPWE Edit, web-based HTML WYSIWYG Editor

KPWE Edit is a WYSIWYG Editor especially created for embeding in CMS (Content Management System) web-based application. I created this WYSIWYG Editor while I’m creating CMS application. Currently, KPWE Edit is under development and I wanted to add more features. I embeded default CSS file in this editor so that user can see the actual result while they’re editing the content. In this editor, I used browser IFRAME so that it is easy to load the data from SQL and MySQL dabase into this editor. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari and Opera.