WolframAlpha – Knowledge Search Engine

If you ask me what is your second favorite search engine, I would say Wolframalpha. Wolframalpha is a search engine which gives you all the results from mathematical calculation (x^3 – 4x^2 + 6x – 24 = 0) to astronomy (next solar eclipse). One of the best thing about this search engine is that the presentation of the search results which are far better than giant search engine, Google. You should try this out as an alternative to Google.


How to check Exif data in photo from web

Exif data is a specification in the photo used by Digital camera. Every information like Camera model, Manufacturer, Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, etc. are stored in Exif in the photo. You can check basic information of Exif data in your photos in Windows XP and later version of Windows, of course Mac supports as well.

I wrote about how to check shutter count in your camera with Opanda before and it works great because it shows every information from Exif, but the problem is that it works on Windows only. But if you’re Mac user, you can try Simple EXIF Viewer. I stumbled upon a web site, Jeffrey’s Exif viewer that can easily check tons of Exif information in photo on the fly without installing any of those software. You just need to give the photo url from web or upload the photo.

Google Social Search

Google rolled out a new experiment on Google labs known as Google Social Search that helps you find more relevant results from public content of your friends and contacts from your Google profiles. To enable this feature, you have to login with your Gmail account and go to Google experimental page and enable the Google Social Search. This video demonstrates how you can find relevant contents with Google social search and how Google social search works. Since Google introduced Google public profile page back in April 2009, I have added many social networking sites i am using, in my Google profile account. Now I can get the tweet or status updates or even photos result from Flickr or Picasa of my contacts and friends bottom of Google search page after enabling Google Social Search.

Adsense allows you to choose fonts

Google Adsense just added new options to choose the fonts for adsense units after they enabled Adsense for Domain feature for all adsense publishers. As of now, you can choose Arial, Times and Verdana. To change the font style for your existing adsense units, go to Manage Ads under Adsense Setup and look for Fonts section. I hope they will add an option to choose custom font name to match with our site’s default font style.


PayPal and Phishing

I received an email in last week, was telling me that I must change my Paypal login information or my account will be suspended. I was so surprised that I never got the email like this from Paypal before. So I logged to my paypal from my Firefox bookmarks and checked whether my account has been suspended or not. It seems normal and I can use my account in Paypal.

I ignored the instructions in that email and forward the email to the Paypal support team. They replied me that It is a phising email. Yep, the link they included in the email points to the following site not the paypal page.

<a href=””>http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_login-run</a>

I visited that link lately and Firefox alerted me that It is phising site. Scary!!!

Google updates PageRank again

There have been another PageRank update from Google. I found many of my friends’ sites having dropped PR. Some still remains. I also found some changes in my site. I changed the link structure of my site in last month with the help of permalink migration plugin. All of my old posts rank was temporary dropped at that time. After this Pagerank update, each has its own pagerank back. Do you see any changes of site rank?

Mingalaba: How to greet people in Burmese

Saw this “Mingalaba Myo Kyaw Htun” greeting message while browsing my account in Flickr. Flickr always shows greeting message in different language randomly whenever you browse home page while you’re logged in. It is cool thing that we can learn how to greet people in different language. “Hoi” in Dutch , “Konnichiwa” in Japanese , “Namaste” in Hidi, “Salaam” in Arabic, “Mingalaba” in Burmese, etc. Now you know how to greet people in Burmese. Mingalaba