Feedburner Stats Checker (VB.NET version)

I just wrote this program using Visual Basic .NET to track the Feedburner’s feedcount and stats from Feedburner Awareness API. To use this program, first download Feedburnerstats.zip and extract it. And run feedburner.exe. In order to run this program, your system must have .NET framework 2.0

Feedburner Stats checker

How do I get subscribers count ?

Enter either full feedburner URI or feedburner ID in Feedburner URI text box and click Get it!

How do I get items stats ?

To get item stats, check Get Feedcount + Item stats on and click Get it!

I can’t see Items stats. Why ?

Login to your feedburner account. Click your feed. Click Awareness API under Publicize tab and then activate it.

Sourcecode available for VB.NET

I wrote this program using Visual Basic.NET in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. This program is very simple. It makes a webrequest to get the xml response from Feedburner Aware API and process the result. I use thread to prevent from freezing when the program gets heavy response from Feedburner. Download source

Technorati Inbound Links plugin

Technorati LinkbackThough I’ve seen a Kramer plugin that can add inbound links from Technorati as trackback/pingback comments, I created my own one for my blog. Reason why I created it to get incoming backlinks from other blogging system (sometimes you’ll probably lose trackback even in same wordpress system, as screenshot said.) and to practice XML especially dealing with web APIs.

First I created this program with only Javascript using DOM and XMLHttpRequest. But one thing I forgot is that the browser especially Firefox blocks Javascript when it connects the data between one domain and another (cross-domain).


KPWE Edit, web-based HTML WYSIWYG Editor

KPWE Edit is a WYSIWYG Editor especially created for embeding in CMS (Content Management System) web-based application. I created this WYSIWYG Editor while I’m creating CMS application. Currently, KPWE Edit is under development and I wanted to add more features. I embeded default CSS file in this editor so that user can see the actual result while they’re editing the content. In this editor, I used browser IFRAME so that it is easy to load the data from SQL and MySQL dabase into this editor. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari and Opera.