Sanctuary of Truth

I and my brother travelled to Pattaya in last August and visited to Sanctuary of Truth, is a wooden temple with religious art. The temple is open to public, it is still underconstruction though. The authority acknowledged that construction will be finished in next 20 years hopely but there still will be minor. This temple is made by only wood. Woods mainly come from Thai, Myanmar, Lao and Cambodia. Actually, I did not have plan to go there.


Adsense Check

This is the second Check I received from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is NOT my primary making money machine, It generates some bucks that recover my hosting fee and domains registration though.

Old woman at Shwedagon

I saw the old woman trying to get some support from the people who come to Shwedagon Pagoda. You can see those people everywhere especially near Pagoda and some famous places when you visit to Myanmar. I felt sadness but I can do nothing. I took a shot and came back to Home.

Tha Nut Khar and Girl

I took this photo while I was in Yangon, Myanmar. I saw this girl running and playing around with her friends infront of my house. My uncle told about her that her father passed away and her mom left her when she was too young. Now she is living with her grand parents, stop her student life and helping their grand parents’ shop now. Her face with full of THA NUT KHAR (traditional make up for Myanmar)