I’m addicted in blogging and of course, I read many other blogs every day. I can’t visit all the blogs I read. I just simply subscribe their feeds in my favorite RSS reader, Google Reader. I can read the recently updated blog posts in rss reader just like I’m reading emails.

I have been using Feedly (Firefox plugin, Google Chrome extensions and now support for Safari) for a while and haven’t written in this blog yet. Feedly is a magazine styled feed reader based on Google Reader and Twitter. It organizes the feeds into simple and clean layout that you can easily scan to read the blog posts. You can also subscribe and customize your feeds in Feedly as your choice.


2 responses to “Feedly”

  1. eric johnson Avatar
    eric johnson

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  2. That is very nice. I like to do reading in a single feed page like this Feedly every early in the morning before washing my face. I used to roam and read many blogs but this is good for me to get the best concentration for all. Great and informative.