DzSoft PHP Editor and EnginSite Editor for PHP

Usually, I’m playing PHP development using Notepad, EditPlus and Dreamweaver. I have never knew before that PHP IDE exists. Yesterday, Michael Sync told me that he is looking for PHP IDE that includes debugging feature and other some features like breakpoints, watchpoints included in Microsoft Visual Studio. I was googling and found two PHP IDE editors which are EnginSite Editor and DzSoft PHP Editor. Unfortunately DzSoft PHP Editor doesn’t have debugging feature except Syntax Highlighting and Checking.

DzSoft PHP Editor

DzSoft PHP Editor is not different from Edit Plus except Syntax Highlighting, Checking and Code explorer that collects and groups functions, classess and variables used in file. Check the main features of DzSoft PHP Editor.

DzSoft PHP Editor

EnginSite Editor for PHP

EnginSite Editor for PHP is an PHP IDE available for Windows. I installed and tested the trial version in my machine. If you have ever used Microsoft Visual Studio I think that it will be familiar. Project explorer is in left side, Big Coding area is in right side, Syntax highlighting and Debugging panel are at the bottom of the IDE. First I wrote some lines of code and used the watchpoints and debug the code. It is interesting that it not only hightlights the changes of the value and type of the data but also shows the popup from the system tray. Then I tested syntax checking, breakpoints, Stack and Global features in this IDE. I wanna say EninSite Editor is the best tool for PHP developers and you should try it out by downloading the evaluation copy. I also found the best review of this software from DevX. You should check it to know the complete information for this software.

EnginSite Editor for PHP


3 responses to “DzSoft PHP Editor and EnginSite Editor for PHP”

  1. Thanks for your post. Actually, I’m looking for open-source one.. EnginSite product seems great but need to spend a few bucks for that… initially, i was using ZEND IDE and i was happy with that tool.. but again, it is not free-version either.. so, I dont wanna use right now. ( I’m trying *NOT* to use any pirate software in my machine. :-) )

    Do you have any experience in using EclipsePHP and VS.PHP?? VS.PHP seems great…

  2. I have not tried EclipsePHP and Vs.PHP yet. Thanks for those information, Mike.

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