Top 6 tips when you comment to other blogs

Commenting to other blogs is not only the best way to gain relationship between you and the other bloggers but also the getting of new visitors came across from the other blogs you commented. Here I gave you the tips I learn from blogging.

Put the author’s name in your comment

Putting the author name in your comment would make familiar between you and author and you said that you know who is the author of that blog you’re visiting. Finding the author name is easy. Most of the blog has an about page that mentioned the author name. If that blog is a multi authors blog, you can find the author name in the post.

Don’t sell your product or promoting your site

Selling your product or promoting your site in the comment annoy the blog author and then he’ll mark your comment as spam and throw in the spam list. If the author mark your comment as spam, your future comments will be the spam comments and you too, you become a spammer.

Check out the comment policy first

Before you give your comments, find out whether there has comment policy stated in that blog or not. If the blog has comment policy, read carefully the statements mentioned. Obey those.

Don’t “yada yada” comment

Add the value in the comment instead of commenting “good site”, “good post’ in your comment. Say why you like that post or why you disagree that post. Quote which part of that post you like or you don’t like. That make the informative conversation not only for the author but also for the other people who are reading both of your comments and author’s. That drive traffic to your blog.

Don’t put too many links in your comment

If your comment has too many reference links, the automatic spam protection will mark your comments as spam. In that case, contact the author and tell that your comment is not spam and explain why you mentioned those links.

Say “Thank you” in your comment

Say “Thank you” again in the comment if your previous comment was replied especially your comment was question. That increase your comment count in that blog if he installed Top commentators Plugin in the blog.

Do you have something to add ? Please share your opinion in comment. Your suggestions are much appreciated.


12 responses to “Top 6 tips when you comment to other blogs”

  1. You are right with your tips, one more add, dont just comment to get a backlink from the blog. Comment to express your thoughts. Stumbled.

  2. I agree about the “name” part. Many people still using “Money guy” or “Superman” instead of his shy name. But I couldn’t debate with them how insist with brand than a name of his. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    I’m also agree with Nirmal about expressing our thought instead of yada-yada and marketing your own blog with a useless piece of junk words.

    Stumbled! Nice to see youre new design. Keep the quality post rolling! :D

  3. @Nirmal
    Thank for you tip and stumbling.

    I don’t wish to debate for using those name. In fact, some of blogs I was wondering why they don’t use real name or nickname if they’re using own domain. Thanks for stumbling.

  4. Hey there, good site! (Haha, KIDDING!)

    Anyway, you said, mention the author’s name on the comment, but your name is kinda difficult..

  5. Very true, all these are kind of must have. Usually we see people commenting, just for the sake of commenting. Feelings should be expressed. AS nirmal said, we should not comment just as to get a link back.

  6. I agreed with you for yada-yada comment.. :)

    I wanna add one more fact.. “do check the reply for your comment… ” it is happening in my blog all the time.. some people asked some questions regarding my post in my blog but they never check back..

  7. Wow great tips :)

    I liked your last point very much. It feels good to be thanked as a blogger :D

  8. @Ren
    Yeah, my name is difficult to pronounce. Anyway, you can type ‘Myo’ for next time.

    Thanks for your comment

    Michael Sync
    You’re right. They never come back after commenting. Btw,why don’t you install subscribe to comment wordpress plugin in your site ?

    Shankar Ganesh
    I’m glad you like it! :)

  9. I have a comment policy, but I’m not sure whether my commentators read my policy. And I am very quick at deleting comments that read, “Good post!” or “Well done!” though they are legitimate comments because I want the commentator to know that it is not alright to leave me such comments.

    I have another tip to add to your list: If you don’t have anything decent to say, don’t.

  10. If you don’t have anything decent to say, don’t.

    You’re right.

  11. When you make a comment, say something that will benefit other readers too. Asking questions for clarification is also nice since other visitors might have the same questions as yours so your question will help them as well.

  12. You can also write what you learned from the post….and if you have anything to add or share with the other readers, write it.