Windows 7 on VMware

Microsoft released windows 7 for testing purpose only on last January 9th, 2009. I am one of them who downloaded it. I tried to install on both of my PC and laptop but with no luck. I had problems on both that Windows 7 did not start properly (blank black screen) after successfully installation. Successfully installation? huh. Those problems solved when I install Windows 7 on VmWare. Surprised? It comes with few applications since it released as testing purpose. I don’t have plan to use Windows 7 right now. Thinking of why they released Vista? Now I’m happy with oldie XP and Vista. This is the snapshot from Windows 7 in VMWare.


You can download Windows 7 from Windows 7 official site. Remember that Microsoft limits download to 2.5 millions downloads.


4 responses to “Windows 7 on VMware”

  1. The 2.5m limit has been removed, bro. Keys will be given out till 24 Jan, if I’m not wrong.

    I also installed Win7 but two days later removed and reinstalled Vista. I see no reason why I should upgrade from Vista to Win7 yet. :D

    1. Thanks for reminding me, Bro.

  2. mgthantzin Avatar

    Virtual PC gave me no headache. :]

  3. My install experience with Win7 was extraordinary. Took 20 minutes and everything was all ready.