DiscoverDiscover is an iPhone and iPod Touch app that let you transfer files between iPhone/iPod Touch and PC so that you can store any well known files in your iPhone and iPod Touch. To use Discover your iPhone or iPod Touch must have connected into same wirelesss network and a web browser to transfer files . As for me, it is the best way to read PDF files especially written in my native language in iPod Touch.



You only need to point to your iPhone/iPod Touch IP address with 8888 port in your browser and you need to open Discover app in your iPhone/iPod Touch as well at the same time. And you can start transfer your files.

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  • hello
    good your site. I visiting your home. Nice blog!

    yamin on November 27, 2008
  • @mgthantzin

    I have files lite in my iPod. Actually files lite is limited for 200MB only. But Discover stores your files locally in your iPod. For now, I prefer Discover app.

    Myo Kyaw Htun on December 6, 2008
  • Too bad this app works for a bit, then fails to load and all I get now is a white blank screen. It’s been deleted…. files lite here we go!!

    @hotmail on December 26, 2008
  • If you can transfer between iphone and itouch then truly it is great!

    belt buckles on August 26, 2009
  • Thank you Discover App i need the files

    Pleaser Shoes on August 26, 2009
  • “it is the best way to read PDF files especially written in my native language in iPod Touch” –> yes, agree.. btw thx for sharing, really enjoy your blog…

    buy iphone on November 7, 2009
  • This is probably a very dumb question but I can’t seem to figure out what to do. I’ve transferred a book onto my iPod Touch using Discover. But I can’t seem to zoom into the page to read it. Could anyone help. Thank you.

    Sonia on March 19, 2010