w.Tv : Watch and download movies for FREE in iPhone

I really don’t know how this app managed to pass the policy of Apple iTunes’ store and listed in iPhone app directory. w.Tv, an iPhone app where you can watch Chinese TV channels, TV Series and Hollywood movies and even it lets you download for FREE of charge. You can download the entire movie from its DVD library. The only thing is that, it is written in Chinese language. Don’t worry, at least you can know by looking at the thumbnail picture. If you’re interested, just download it before it get banned from iTunes.


UnBlock Me

UnBlock Me is a simple iPhone/iPod Touch puzzle game. The goal of this game is that you have to get the red block out of board by sliding the other wooden blocks vertically and horizonally. It is simple but addictive one. You can try UnBlock Me lite version which has 200 levels and 1,000 levels for full version is just about $0.99. Download FREE and Paid version form iTunes Store.


Intersquash – Turn your feeds into iPhone compatible interface

Intersquash is an online tool that allows you to make your web site feeds into iPhone or iPod Touch compatible web interface. Using Intersquash is easy, just type your feed url and title for your web site then click ‘Iphoneize my website!’ and it will give you the url. You can also upload your own icon (57 x 57) and embed Javascript code in your site that will automatically redirects to iPhone/iPod Touch interface when somebody browsing with iPhone/iPod Touch. That’s all.


Alternatively, you can also try this online tool called iPhone Builder.


DiscoverDiscover is an iPhone and iPod Touch app that let you transfer files between iPhone/iPod Touch and PC so that you can store any well known files in your iPhone and iPod Touch. To use Discover your iPhone or iPod Touch must have connected into same wirelesss network and a web browser to transfer files . As for me, it is the best way to read PDF files especially written in my native language in iPod Touch.



You only need to point to your iPhone/iPod Touch IP address with 8888 port in your browser and you need to open Discover app in your iPhone/iPod Touch as well at the same time. And you can start transfer your files.