iPhone 3G is now available in Thailand

Now, you can buy iPhone 3G with different Plans at TrueMove , one of the Phone and Internet service providers in Thailand. Current plans are shown below. see their website for more detail.



2 responses to “iPhone 3G is now available in Thailand”

  1. Hello.

    Do those iPhones have a sim or netlock?

    Thank you!

    Solomo Gutschein http://solomo-gutschein.blogspot.com/

  2. Wayne Instone Avatar
    Wayne Instone

    I want a 3G phone, what is the latest available in Thailand.
    I am new to all this technology, so I would apreciate it if someone could tell me what 3G actually means.
    Can you get one on pay as you go, or does it have to be contract?
    Whats the best deals around?
    Many thanks