Hogzilla was killed in Alabama

photo: Flickr

Jamison Stone, 11 years old boy, used his pistol to kill a giant pig known as Hogzilla, weight over 1000 pounds and nearly 10 feets from the top of it’s snout to it’s base of tail, in Alabama.
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14 responses to “Hogzilla was killed in Alabama”

  1. Rishi Avatar

    OK this was a really huge one. Looks like a big rock! :P

  2. That is so huge I’m starting to think its a fake. sorry, but its just my oppinion!

  3. Wow! Huge Pig. However, i agree with Googlemania, i think it’s a fake.

  4. not fake actually I watched a TV show about it called the pig bomb and they show real video and show the stuffed head on the guy’s mantle

  5. HE IS A T.W.AT


  6. cody clay farley Avatar
    cody clay farley

    ya the pig bonb show wuz crazy its prolly mixed with with one of them wild orasian bores

  7. LOL that has to be photoshoped!!!

  8. anyone notice that everything but the animal is the same between hogzilla and rabbitzilla

  9. mathis Avatar

    wow u guys are retarted that’s a real pig it just said over 1000 pounds and it said it was nearly 10 feets from the top of it’s snout to it’s base of tail

  10. John Hughes Avatar
    John Hughes

    Listen I am not doubting that this is real but figured I would throw this out there as an ex employee of a hog farm.I have personally raised hogs to anywhere from 350 to 600 pounds thats the average weight of our hogs at time of slaughter . this hog would weigh (by view) one hell of alot more than 1000 pounds . 10 feet long is bigger than my cows and my cows are 1500 to 2000 pounds so gonna have to call bs figures dont add up .

  11. delaware Avatar

    well growing pigs at a young age, this is what steroids do to pigs if they were shot too many times within a range of days. if the pig was on a farm, there had to be steroid usage that went out of control. just like us, if we use steroids too much, we become huge. pigs don’t have sweat glands to sweat anything out. thats why they roll in dirt. out in the wild, nutrients and vitamins from many different leaves fruit nuts and twigs even can get their hormones thrown off just like steroids. there is a 50/50 chance it is a wild hog. my opinion? it was shot with steroids too many times and released into the wild gaining more nutrients feeding the hormones and got this way. you see this happening more and more all the time.

  12. Sammi Susie Avatar
    Sammi Susie

    YOU guys just dont want to believe that an 11 yr old killed that hog and you didnt! Just live with it and be happy. My opion is that the hog is real and so is the boy so there! and that can happen through pig steriods! Its getting more and more common in the eastern side. Just like the boa snake epidemic in Florida this will blow away after the bs guys just accept that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just be happy for the little guy. Dont be such babies!!!!s

  13. hello