Raining day and car crash in Bangkok

Today morning, it was raining here, Bangkok. Streets and highway was wet. I was on the bus and my friend was sitting back of the bus. Later, I heard the voice ‘Don …’ and then I look at my right side. I saw the car crash. The black car is almost cross the other side of the road. It hit the silver color in front of it. Another gray color was under it. How terrible!

Car Accident in Bangkok

Car Accident in Bangkok

Another accident already happened very close to previous one.

Car Accident in Bangkok

All photos was taken by Alfie


5 responses to “Raining day and car crash in Bangkok”

  1. I saw a car crash that morning in the sathorn area! :)

  2. Chris

    I think there may be more than ten accidents on that day.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great pics!

    I was in Bangkok for 3 years for my company. Your pics brings in some great memories.

    Here in the US the rate of car accidents is increasing ever so alarmingly. Everybody I know has been or knows someone who has been in a car accident. Just the other day I heard that my neighbor won a case after hiring alos angeles accident attorney. I suppose the only way to put breaks on this accident rate is to hold the responsible accountable.


  4. […] car accidents almost every morning on my way to work is just normal for me after living more than two years here. […]

  5. mickey Avatar

    Did anybody see an accident that day involving a Honda crv/
    Help will be greatly appreciated as someone’s future may rest on this.