Myo Kyaw Htun . com is two years old

Today is another special day for this blog. Yes it is two years old now. I have published 239 posts including this and received 930 comments which are so encouraging. Without your comments and visits, I am just like speaking alone in a lonely house. Thanks so much and I will try to improve my writing and publish quality posts as much as I could.


10 responses to “Myo Kyaw Htun . com is two years old”

  1. Hey!! Congrat for two years achievement!! You did great job!!! Keep it up! bro

    Happy Birthday to!!

  2. Khinl2k Avatar

    Happy BD to ur blog :)

  3. Bro…
    Many more anniversaries to come and wishing all the best…

  4. mgthantzin Avatar

    Yeah, Happy Birthday from me, 2. :)

  5. Hi my luvly younger bro, MKT
    Congrats for 2years old!
    Your this home ever gives me not only variety of knowledge and tips but also hospitality.
    Wish this home with home owner long live and post more useful stuff.
    Cheers, keep it up, my dear!

  6. @MichaelSync

    Thanks for your wish, your blog also passed 3 years.


    Thanks, Sis

    @Ye Lwin Oo

    Thanks for your wish.


    Thanks, nyi.


    Thanks, Ma Mi. Your comments make me happy and write more blog posts.

  7. Happy Anniversary bro!!

  8. sltmycom Avatar

    မင္းသားႀကီး….power power power///

  9. Happy Anniversary! :)

    Bro, it would be great if you could share your photography skills.


  10. Hey congrats on the achievement – its a tough jb keeping a blog going and updated on a regular basis.