Thoughts on the use of A.I

I love and support the use of AI or AI powered tools to accomplishing certain tasks that you would normally take hours or days or so. However, more and more big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, or social media companies are starting to take advantage of it by controlling the information on what to show and what not to show their users, altering the narratives, supervising the narratives, which is based on the individual’s or group’s decision that will have huge impact on a lot of areas like getting the right information, freedom of speech or freedom of writing and communication in near future.

It’s been a while that I haven’t update my blog. I just updated my new theme and will update posts in coming days.

Myo Kyaw Htun . com is two years old

Today is another special day for this blog. Yes it is two years old now. I have published 239 posts including this and received 930 comments which are so encouraging. Without your comments and visits, I am just like speaking alone in a lonely house. Thanks so much and I will try to improve my writing and publish quality posts as much as I could.

MoFuse makes Pro version FREE

MoFuse, a tool to create your site/blog into mobile compatible version, announced that they make Pro version free. Previously, professional version costs $3/month and has lots of features is now available for everyone. Now you will be able to use some of the professional features such as custom domain, Admob or Google Adsense, etc. I’ve setup the mobile version for this site and you can now access from your mobile


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Silverlight2 article competition

Silverlight 2 in action ebook Michael Sync is running a writing contest for Silverlight 2 developers in his blog. He’ll give away 5 copy of Silverlight 2 in Action ebooks and $300 for contest winners ($200 for 1st and $100 for 2nd).

How to Enter

  • Write a great article about Silverlight 2-beta2.
  • No matter where you are, you can participate in this contest
  • Submit your article before 25th of July 2008. (Please be sure to include a author bio with your submission.)
  • You can submit as many Silverlight 2 (beta2) related articles as you want
  • Your article should include screenshots( .jpg or gif) and code samples
  • You can send your article (in pdf or MS Word format) and demo (zip) to “mchlsync AT gmail DOT com”
  • Please encourage all people you know to participate in this contest. Because we need at least 3 participants for this contest. Otherwise, our contest will be failed.

Death photos after Nargis Cyclone

I felt sad now after look up this album from Picasa. I thought that those death people are unaware of their faith. Album contains 146 photos of natural calamity and death photos by Nargis cyclone in Myanmar. Some photos might be disturbing for some viewers.

p.s: I really don’t know who took those photos and where those was taken.

Myanmar allows U.S. military relief flights

YANGON (Reuters) – Myanmar’s junta has given the U.S. military permission to fly in relief supplies for the survivors of Cyclone Nargis, Thai Supreme Commander Boonsrang Niumpradit told Reuters on Thursday.

“We have helped the Americans to talk to the Myanmar government to allow U.S. planes participating in Cobra Gold to fly humanitarian aid to Myanmar. They just agreed,” he said, referring to joint U.S.-Thai military exercises.

Myanmar allows U.S. military relief flights (Reuters) Myanmar backtracks on U.S. aid flight, U.S. says

We need your support

Your help is immediately requested for the victims of Nargis cyclone that devastated Myanmar (Burma) especially residents of Yangon (Rangoon) and Irrawaddy delta region. Click the following graphic image to donate now.

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