Adocu – Nano Blogging?

Adocu another online tools that you can update your status and let your friends know what you’re doing now. The service is very simple. It allows you to post your status which must be one word, long or short, without space. They called it nano-blogging. You must register to post. Registration takes only few seconds.

adocu - blogging gone nano

This service seemed to be launched before it was ready because there is no other way to update the status, IM bot and API. But it is still in beta. Waiting for improvement.

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6 responses to “Adocu – Nano Blogging?”

  1. Isn’t it just another incarnation of Twitter?

  2. As soon as we move servers we will be adding email capabilities. The only reason we don’t have it now is because our current server is hosting other sites and we cannot upgrade it without messing them up. We are also looking into SMS numbers(not a shortcode). Expect these improvements to come soon!

    Hope you guys enjoy it.

  3. It seems a lot of programmers a focusing on status messages like merging facebook and hotmail status message and now twitter’s nano bloging. :D

  4. @Justin

    I don’t know :/ May be.


    Waiting for upcoming features.

  5. I’ve heard of micro-blogging, but nano-blogging is totally new for me. What do you thing we’ll get next.. Atom-blogging? :D

  6. Nano Blogging.. Is this Clone of Twitter like Microblogging ??
    Expressing in One Word Looks quite Difficult :P