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  • Backup your Flickr photos with Bulkr

    Backup your Flickr photos with Bulkr

    I have been using Flickr to share my photos with my friends for a while. After upgrading to Pro account on Flickr and I saw that I have uploaded more than 300 photos in my Flickr account. I always upload the photos in original size and some of the photos I uploaded in Flickr weren’t…

  • Flickroom


    If you have experienced with Adobe Lightroom software photo editing software, you’ll feel that the interface of the Flickroom is very similar to Lightroom. Flickroom is an Adobe AIR based application provides almost everything that you can do in Flickr.

  • FriendBinder


    If you are a Plaxo user, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with this FriendBinder. FriendBinder is a social site allows you to keep track the updates of your friends from many social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, etc. And you can also update your status messages to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Upload photos to Twitter via Flickr

    Flickr did not tell that they have a new service to post your photos to Twitter from Flickr directly. If you have both Flickr and Twitter account, just login to Flickr and follow this link (http://www.flickr.com/account/blogs/add/twitter) and allow Flickr service in your Twitter account. Then Flickr will give you the email address to you that…