ApploPress WordPress Theme

This is my third WordPress Theme. This theme is a little bit look like Apple home page but not at all. So I name it, ApploPress. Have fun and enjoy using my theme.

ApploPress WordPress Theme

ApploPress WordPress Theme is

  • Three columns template (optional codes to 4 columns, read extended.txt in zip file)
  • Fixed Width
  • Widget Compatible
  • Tags for WordPress 2.3 + ( uncomment the_tag() function in single.php)
  • Page links Navigation
  • Excerpt posts for Archive, Category and Search
  • Archives.php (use for Page) includes list of Month, Year and Category
  • XHTML and CSS valid

Download this theme

Thanks my brother, Myo Han Htun who designed this theme.


39 responses to “ApploPress WordPress Theme”

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  2. Wow, it’s an awesome theme. Can’t resist trying it out :D

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  4. congrat! man…..

    Why do you release your theme under both licenses?? it is very strange to me…:-O AFAIK, If you are releasing your theme under GPL then nobody need to give the credit to you even we use or modify your creative work.. but Creative Common License is not like that… The credit is a must with CCL……

  5. @Mike

    I’ve fixed it. Thanks for your valuable points. :)

  6. […] ApploPress es un tema para WordPress creado por Myo Kyaw Htun, un bloguer birmano que ha conseguido darle un aire muy estilo Apple. […]

  7. Hi!

    Could I get this theme for Joomla?

    Thank you,

    Tomás (

    Best regards from Spain!

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  11. […] ApploPress is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with an Apple-like layout. […]

  12. This is a great theme! Simple and I like the font combinations.

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  14. Three things need to be added to make this a great theme.

    1. When you are logged in, you should see the Edit for the article
    2. Different authors who did the stories should show up rather than “Posted on September 4, 2007”
    3. Tags

    I suppose I can add these……

  15. Oh, and RSS feeds. I love the look of the theme though.

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  17. Davinder Avatar

    Hi… I am trying to customise your so good template. I am stuck at one place, hope u can help me.

    When i click on any category or arhive links, I get posts in summary. WHICH CODE DO I EDIT OR ADD? so that i get full post even when clicked on a category

    warm regards

  18. Thanks Myo. I like it.

  19. @Davinder

    Go to index.php in theme folder.

    Find the_excerpt()

    Replace with this the_content(“Read the rest of this post …”);

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  22. Get error :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_search_query() in XXXX/html/wp-content/themes/applopress/search-form.php on line 2


  23. Hey Myo, Great theme.

    I have a quick question. I am trying to add the extended.txt code to my sidebar but its not formatting correctly. Could you please tell me where within the sidebar.php file to paste extended code?

    Thanks so much,

  24. hi friend, thank you for making this awesome theme. i installed it and it is working perfectly. thank you once again.

  25. Hi Myo!

    I really like your theme! One question though, when i click the archiv my pictures don’t show up it comes following message:

    The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..

    but when i look the post it works fine. e.g.

    i have read something about excerpt, but i don’t know where to fix.

    Can you please help me?

    Thanks a lot

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  27. Hi,

    Great Theme!

    Can I put on the top line where the pages are usually , a category?



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  29. This cool, can be one of themes to choose. Thank dude and probably I’ll recommend your theme whenever I use it and I’ll let you know how it goes

  30. Hi Myo,

    I’ve just seen your Applopress theme and I think it’s great. Congratulations.

    I have a little question… What’s the best way to do the ‘About’ box? One can see how you did the little ‘About me’ in the screen grab above… How could I do something similar? Is it just a matter of using a text widget and using html for an image and writing some text?

    Thanks so much – take care,


  31. Hi Myo,

    Hey how do I change the size of the tags on a single page? The problem is that one particular keyword in the tags is really big and jumps out off the side of the blog. My guess is that I need to reduce the tag’s ‘biggest’ size. How do I do this?

    Anyway I’ll try to find out how and try it myself.

    Thanks :)


  32. Awesome theme man.Will give a try soon.Thanks.

  33. Thanks Myo.Very nice theme.I m download =)