How to reset regional language to English in Windows Live Writer

doesn’t have an option to change the default language where you’re living to other language in setting. When I download Live writer from Thailand, it gives me which is Thai version. I don’t see any option to select the language in download page.

During setup, I requested my friend to install it because setup is also in Thai language so I did not understand. After I installed, I see all the menus and setting are in Thai language.


So, I decided to look in Writer installation folder and then I found a file WindowsLive.Writer.Localization.resources.dll, under ‘th’ folder. What I did is that I moved the ‘th‘ folder to upper lever. I re-run the Live writer again and lt shows only in English.

To reset to English language in Live writer

  1. Go to c:\program files\Windows Live\Writer\
  2. Find the abbreviation of your language (‘th’ for Thai language)
  3. Move that folder to somewhere else (I prefer moving instead of deleting, at least you can recover it back).
  4. Run Windows Live Writer again.

You’ll see the Windows Live Writer in English language.

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  • Actually, you just need to change the language name when you are downloading…

    For English :

    BTW, MKT, I mailed you last weekend.. I hope you will reply me soon..

    Michael Sync on October 22, 2007
  • @Mike

    Thanks, Mike. But I wonder why they don’t let us choose ? Anyway.

    I’ve mailed to you. Sorry for my late reply.

    Myo Kyaw Htun on October 22, 2007
  • Thanks.. buddy.. :)

    Michael Sync on October 22, 2007
  • thank you!

    debose on September 9, 2008
  • Thanks .

    shiva bandaru on June 21, 2009
  • It take a long time for me to use Thai.

    Your solution work perfect. Thank to the nice post.

    babyBride on October 12, 2010
  • easy to cange language in live writer and windows essentialin genral – you click on “start” enter “langsearch” in the search window – then click on the applicationa nd select the language youwant and let it install – then all windows essentials are in that language.

    Frieke Karlovits on October 4, 2012
  • thank you so much. It’s back in english now :))

    Omair on April 4, 2013
  • Thanks,
    And i hope you can tell me how to reset WLW to default setting.

    Toto Prayogo on September 6, 2013