Phweet – Twitter conference call

PhweetPhweet is another twitter tool that let you make a conference call with your friends from Twitter. Phweet genereates a shortened url and sent it your friends from twitter along with your message. When your friend visit to generated url and they’ll see the confirmation message that ask whether they accept the call or not. You can start conversation after they accept. Once your conversation ends, the unique URL expires and your session message board disappears with it. Phweet uses flash so your browser must have flash installed.

phweet conference call


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    Thanks for trying out Phweet. You may like to try it with a client like Gizmo5 and insert the SIP address: Call me on my browser (change)… click change and add the SIP number you get with your Gizmo5 account. You can also use Gizmo5 to forward to your phone. Try it out.

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