Tag: Twitter

  • Inbox2


    Inbox2 a desktop client application for combining all your Emails and Social messaging in one place. It can fetch all the mails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, MS Exchange mail servers, IMAP and POP3 account as well. Not only that It can receive and update to your Facebook, Twitter, Yammer and LinkedIn updates and messages.

  • FriendBinder


    If you are a Plaxo user, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with this FriendBinder. FriendBinder is a social site allows you to keep track the updates of your friends from many social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, etc. And you can also update your status messages to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Brizzly

    I have got beta invite from Brizzly last week and I have been testing it for sometimes. Brizzly is a web based Twitter application that allows users to upload the pictures on its own server, ability to put the users into group and images and videos like Youtube video link are shown in status messages.…

  • Upload photos to Twitter via Flickr

    Flickr did not tell that they have a new service to post your photos to Twitter from Flickr directly. If you have both Flickr and Twitter account, just login to Flickr and follow this link (http://www.flickr.com/account/blogs/add/twitter) and allow Flickr service in your Twitter account. Then Flickr will give you the email address to you that…

  • TwitVid – Share Videos on Twitter

    If TwitPic is for sharing images on Twitter, Twitvid is “TwitPic of Video”. Twitvid is built by video sharing service Fliggo allows you to share your videos in Twitter. Like TwitPic, you need to have Twitter account to post your videos from TwitVid.

  • Spreadtweet

    Co-workers in your office might think that you’re extremely busy with spreadsheets. Spreadtweet is an Adobe AIR application looks a lot like spreadsheet that you can retrieve and sent your tweets from it. You can choose layout from Office OSX to Office 2003 and Office 2007. To use Spreadtweet you must have Adobe AIR installed…

  • Twitgoo – share your photos in Twitter

    Twitgoo is an online photo sharing for Twitter that allows you to upload and share photos in your Twitter. All you need is to login with your Twitter account. Twitgoo is similar to Twitpic, a similar service for twitter that I published before.

  • Twuffer – Schedule Your Twitter Tweets

    Twuffer is another Twitter tools that allows you to schedule your tweets which means you make a list of tweets with the date and time you can want to post in your Twitter account, Twuffer will update for you. All you need is to login with your Twitter account.

  • Twitter Grader

    Twitter Grader tool is seemed to be fun for Twitter user. It mesaures the relative power of a Twitter user. Calcualation is based on combination of the number of followers, power of followers, pace of your updates, completeness of your profile and few others. Twitter Grader tool is also a part of Web site Grader,…

  • Phweet – Twitter conference call

    Phweet is another twitter tool that let you make a conference call with your friends from Twitter. Phweet genereates a shortened url and sent it your friends from twitter along with your message. When your friend visit to generated url and they’ll see the confirmation message that ask whether they accept the call or not.…