Pownce : Invitation give away

PowncePownce is a way to sent stuff like messages, musics, links, photos and events to your friends. Pownce is a micro-blogging system build by Kevin Rose, founder of Digg. You can also sent stuffs by Pownce desktop software. Recently, I’ve been invited to Pownce and I got another 6 invites. If you want a Pownce account ? Leave a comment here with your email address which will be used to sent invitation.


8 responses to “Pownce : Invitation give away”

  1. Hey Share it with me.

  2. Alfie, I’ve invited.

  3. Thanks man – for introducing me to this-it’s a nice tool.


  4. hey. man. sorry for late reply.. i was a lit bit busy for going malaysia last weekend. I couldn’t able to reply you..

    send me the invitation.. man. I want this too.. :) thanks.. cya around.

  5. Mike, I’ve sent :)

  6. hey Myo I do want an invitation can u mail it seems the tool is interesting one…

  7. I’d like one, please. :)

  8. Ganesh and Jé Maverick

    Thanks for giving time to visit my blog . I’ll sent invites to your email addresses.