Make your post available for PDF version with Web2PDF Online

Web2PDF Online

Web2PDF Online is a free online coversion service that allows your visitors to save useful content from your site or blogs to PDF files. I saw the Save As PDF icon while I was visiting Digital Inspiration blog.

I signed up and implemented the script given by Web2PDF in my blog. When I clicked this icon, new window come up and created a pdf file version for me. The reasons why I like this service are that it outputs the actual printable view of the web page (For example, If your blog or site has “print” css, it will automatically create a pdf file same as like your print view created by browser.) and it reports you that how many pages they converted to pdf version for your visitors in real time status. Now, my blog is available for both print and pdf version.) How cool!

If you don’t like the icon created by script or if you don’t like to put javascript in your blog. Here some tricks for you.

Tip for Web2PDF Online

Login to your account after you signed up. Grab authorid from script after you click Generate the Javascript. AuthorID will look something like this 22AF4CEA-ACDD-4C5F-8580-92464E0619BF

Url to print your post :

Code for WordPress User

<a href=”<?php the_permalink() ;?>&author_id=22AF4CEA-ACDD-4C5F-8580-92464E0619BF” title=”Get PDF version for this post (provided by Web2PDF Online)”>PDF version</a>

Code for Blogger/Blogspot User

<a href=”
&author_id=22AF4CEA-ACDD-4C5F-8580-92464E0619BF” title=”Get PDF version for this post (provided by Web2PDF Online)”>PDF version</a>

change with your id in author_id

Web2PDF Online and Sign up for Web2PDF Online


19 responses to “Make your post available for PDF version with Web2PDF Online”

  1. Hey that seems to be a cool tool. Will be a great way to keep an offline copy! Thanks for the info!

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  3. Actually thats a very useful feature but i wonder how many more of these small buttons will we have to insert in our blog posts lol

  4. This is really a cool tool especially if your blog has lot of tutorials.

  5. Hi I added this code:

    [ Codes …. ]

    But when I click on Save as PDF it becomes this link:

    [ Codes ….]

    Why it is becoming reverse??

    1. hi i’m unabel to save dis page some do it 4 me

  6. Shankar Ganesh
    You’re welcome
    Thanks for backlink
    Anyway, Thanks your for visiting and leaving comment.
    Sure, Nirmal.
    I’ve mailed to you ;)

  7. That’s great, but tell me, do I just drop the code beneath the post in the WordPress editor, and then place an image tag between the link attributes, or can I implement this into my theme code and have it done automatically?

  8. Jé Maverick

    Thanks for giving time to visit and leaving comment.

    First register in web2PDF , get the author_id code. And then copy the code from “wordpress user” in my post. Go to your theme editor. Get into both index.php and single.php . Look for an appropriate position where your visitor can easily notice. And paste the code.
    (For example: I put the code next to Comment RSS link.)

    Get the code from here if you use WordPress

    this is for blogger (blogspot user)

  9. Thanks for the prompt reply, and all of the info, and also for the pownce invite! There is one thing though, is there any way to configure it so that the comments are not printed as well as the sidebars and blogrolls?

    See it in action here: Pdf Functionality testing

    Any ideas? =)

  10. nigelfernandes Avatar

    18/9/2007 12:15 pm

  11. Thank you for sharing!

  12. this is a cool tool… thanks for ur service

  13. I have tweaked it so that only the blog post is printed in PDF. It makes it clutter free from all sidebars, headers, footers, comments, ads .etc. so that pages and ink is saved as well as file size of PDF is small.

  14. Can someone make a bookmarklet savePageAsPDF

  15. thx so mut
    bring into with

  16. hi, when i add the javascript button in my page and save as pdf, it adds the button in the pdf. how can i get rid of the button when its saved as pdf?

  17. Hi.
    PDF is saved, it contains the post and other stuff from the blog page. However, if the reader after time retrieves this PDF file he/she would not know where the PDF is coming from, I mean from which site (beause no URL is available in the PDF, unless specifically I include in the text body of the post the URL of my site). Could that be fixed somehow?

  18. look at site