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BuySellAds is another making money service for bloggers and webmasters. You can earn fixed-money buy selling ads from your site through their marketplace. You can register at BuySellAds buy simply filling up form along with your first name, last name, address, etc. As soon as they approved, you can add your sites as much as you want to get listed in their marketplace. Their commission is 25%, that’s good. For example, if you set your ads block to $20, they’ll take out $5 and you can earn $15. There is no minimal payment so that you can withdraw your earning whenever you want. As my experience BuySellAds service is great because they sent to me customized ad scripts code to fixed for my site design even I did not request. I suggested you to use this service if your site has high pagerank or high traffic. You can advertise here too. :)

p.s: This is NOT sponsored post.


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  1. Looks nice. Will give them a try.

  2. Aren’t you afraid that Google may penalize you and lower your page rank because of sponsored ads? After working hard to get your page rank where it is, it sure would be a major drag to lose some of your ranking.

  3. Great, glad you have had a great experience with us!

    @Pheonix RealEstate, there’s no need to worry about penalties from google for using The ads are served via JavaScript and aren’t going to get you into any trouble. We also have a PHP install and if you do that you can choose to nofollow your ads. We’re seo friendly for both sides of the equation ;)

  4. Todd

    Thank for stopping by.

    @Phoenix RealEstate
    Please read what Todd said ;). I think you got the picture.

  5. Thanks for the nice info.
    I’m using adsense on my blogs but not getting much.
    So i would like to try this.

    Shaan Haider

  6. Interesting information! I will try this service for one of my blogs with 6K+ per day unique visits