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I did not use SMS free service from web before. I just came across from hongkiat blog posted about Chawt, a free SMS sending service from online that let you sent 80 characters message to any number. It requires signup and you need to activate your account with the activation code that they sent to your mobile number. Once you activate, you can sent SMS to any number over 160 countries. Message comes from your mobile number when you sent from Chawt so that they can reply to you back. Try Chawt!



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    khing khing min

    Hi Good evening myo kyaw Htun

  2. can you tell to me how you created your web are you buy or got it free please sent to me from above email .

  3. Thx. nice service. I can reduce my oversea sms cost :D 15 sms/day is enough for me.

  4. @talachan

    This site is powered by WordPress which is an open source and free. I created the theme. Check your mail.

    @ma may

    Glad you like it. It will probably save your S$ :)

  5. I have tried many such services for Indian mobile phones. But this one is awesome in that the from number is totally ours. That’s a new concept I am seeing here…

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  7. I liked your theme colors. How did you get it? Btw i read all your post. Well done.

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  9. Very nice blog. I would like to appreciate your effort. Keep posting more info. Posts.

    I find the proper info. Through the post. Thanks a lot.

  10. I will try this. I spend so much sending text messages…I will try this free one.

  11. This is cool….free SMS! But if the person you are sending SMS to is online anyway, you might as well just chat through Facebook, Skype or YM.

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