Mingalaba: How to greet people in Burmese

Saw this “Mingalaba Myo Kyaw Htun” greeting message while browsing my account in Flickr. Flickr always shows greeting message in different language randomly whenever you browse home page while you’re logged in. It is cool thing that we can learn how to greet people in different language. “Hoi” in Dutch , “Konnichiwa” in Japanese , “Namaste” in Hidi, “Salaam” in Arabic, “Mingalaba” in Burmese, etc. Now you know how to greet people in Burmese. Mingalaba

Mingalaba flickr


One response to “Mingalaba: How to greet people in Burmese”

  1. Aww it’s great that you captured it!
    I also saw it but I didn’t capture.