YouTube is back


YouTube is available now !!!Youtube Screenshot

Here I took snapshot this morning. I can still access YouTube from my Office. Connection is very slow when browsing YouTube main page. But playing video is not slow. I’m not sure this is ISP’s server problem or other ISPs they still don’t get permission from Thailand’s Government to unblock from blocked list. But for now, we’re going to inform to ISP about this serious case, yeah this is serious case, and want to know whether YouTube is available here from now on or not.

What I noticed is that I can see all the thumbnail from YouTube in both Google Search and Google Video search since last two weeks. But I couldn’t access to YouTube directly at that time. But I don’t know why I can see all the thumbnail images from server since the whole server is blocked.

But I stopped browsing according to policy is being stated here.

Snapshot from TRUE service (still blocked)

Original Post :

It has been more than three and an half month since April 3, 2007 after YouTube was blocked here. Now YouTube is backed back still blocked.

BoingBoing reader and Thai Burmese blogger Myo Kyaw Htun was among many to share the news with us today that YouTube is — as of today — once again accessible to users inside Thailand. from

I’ve mailed to editors from that I received a lot of comments from local bloggers told me that they still can’t access YouTube here. If I can still have a chance to browse YouTube on tomorrow. I’ll make an update post. I don’t want to give you any wrong information from my blog and If this post is an wrong one, I do apologize for any inconvenience.


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  1. […] Link to Myo’s blog post. Here’s a background article on the incident, from April. […]

  2. Hey I’m sorry, I’m in Thailand at the moment and I can’t access to YouTube anyhow other than using Proxies. So this news is totally fake. We are waiting and might be able to access it soon as the news was said but not today for sure…… READ

  3. Today, I was watching YouTube from my office without having access denied. I received an email from a guy telling me that he couldn’t access YouTube. I don’t know ISP name my office is using and they now open I think that many public ISP still blocking YouTube because I couldn’t access from my home. I’m using TRUE service. But you know this is not fake. I hope they’ll also open it soon. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. I guess my ISP (IP Star from TOT) hasn’t got the word to open up the YouTube block. I still can’t access it.

  5. Sorry, but TOT are the only ISP to open the gates and according to True they are making a mistake by doing so as there has been no order to remove the block.

  6. I’m using TRUE service and i still can’t access Youtube…perhaps some ISPs have unblocked it and some haven’t?

  7. Thank guys for you comments.

    This morning, I arrived at my office and read the news via Google Reader. And I found that the YouTube player is visible in reader. I played the rest of that video. And I click the source link and loading time is very slow. But finally, I reached the YouTube page and I played some of videos in YouTube.

    Before I go back from office. I also browse MetaCafe . And I was wondered that I can browse MetaCafe because as you know MetaCafe is also in blocked list. I did not use any proxies. I think that they are start testing and checking now. I hope that they’ll announce soon. Because I heard news from Bangkok post that they’ll unblock YouTube from banned list.

    Ok. On tomorrow, I’ll take some snapshots and upload to my blog if I have a chance again.

    I hope my posts comply with laws here.

  8. I’ve been hearing they’ll unblock youtube for about a month now, but here we are.

  9. I’m still blocked. I guess it needs to go thru all the DNS stuff eh?

  10. […] Link to Myo’s blog post. Here’s a background article on the incident, from April. […]

  11. […] Link to Myo’s blog post. Here’s a background article on the incident, from April. […]

  12. […] Link to Myo’s blog post. Here’s a background article on the incident, from April. […]

  13. I called True and asked them about this yesterday and they acknowledged that Youtube was accessible through TOT, but not True. The person I spoke to said she had asked the ‘Engineers’ and they hod not received notification to remove the block and believed that TOT had also not (though they have no way of knowing this).

  14. […] Link to Myo’s blog post. Here’s a background article on the incident, from April. […]