Month: February 2009

  • Adsense allows you to choose fonts

    Google Adsense just added new options to choose the fonts for adsense units after they enabled Adsense for Domain feature for all adsense publishers. As of now, you can choose Arial, Times and Verdana. To change the font style for your existing adsense units, go to Manage Ads under Adsense Setup and look for Fonts…

  • TinyChat

    TinyChat allows you to create a private chat room with a single click and tell your friends to visit a link from TinyChat (example: to chat with you.

  • Yet another car accident

    Seeing car accidents almost every morning on my way to work is just normal for me after living more than two years here. This time is a little bit strange for me. I saw two ladies with sad face standing behind the one car next to burning car. I left  my camera with my brother,…

  • Google Search Suggestion fails

    This is what happened when people search this keywords “I am extremely”.  via: Gizmodo. You can find more hilarious keywords at Google Proves Humanity Is Sick and Sad, Yet Absolutely Hilarious

  • All you need to know about a site with Dataopedia

    Dataopedia can gather the facts and the statistics of a given url from many sources like Alexa, Compete, Pagerank and traffic sources, etc..  It looks similar to Quarkbase, but it has more features.

  • Shared Links February 2009

    This is not an apology post for lack of posting. I was sick for several days because of unsual weather and tied in several projects. Now, I want to share some of posts and links that I have in these days. KidRex is a search engine  for Kids and it is powered by Google custom…