Gelato – CMS

Gelato LogoGelato is an open source tumblelog cms applcation developed by GelatoCMSPedro Santana powered with Php, Mysql and Ajax (image preview integrated for image). With Gelato you can add post, picture, video, audio, link, quote and chat easily. Gelato admin panel is more clear and simple than blogger admin panel. But Gelato has a few features as I mentioned above. Gelato doesn’t have those features like

  • show confirmation message before delete
  • customizing permanent link
  • changing date and time on individual post
  • plug-ins development (will come soon)
  • posting more than one image, audio and video per post. (But I like Gelato’s default feature because it is really good for showcasing cms application)

Gelato is still in under development and need to improve. Here are screen snapshots, I tested in my machine.

Gelato - CMS - Admin Panel

Gelato - CMS


7 responses to “Gelato – CMS”

  1. nice one.. Thanks.. what is the differences between wordpress and that one???

    btw, could you please remove “www” from my url in your blogroll? thanks a lot

  2. This is lightweight CMS, it can do like ‘Twitter’.
    But you know, it can’t compare to WordPress :) coz the program doesn’t have commenting feature even it’s database includes comment’s table. And I wanna say, It is easier to redevelop and codes are clean and simple. Template modification is also not complex.

    p.s: Thanks Ko Mike for encouraging me. I’m still trying to improve my grammar.

  3. >>But you know, it can’t compare to WordPress :)
    :) i see..

    >>p.s: Thanks Ko Mike for encouraging me. I’m still trying to improve my grammar.

    Yeah.. me too. I’m also trying to improve my grammar and my writing skill. it’s very long way to go for us if we wanna compare with native speaker.. However, I believe that we will be improved very soon since we are writing in English everyday.. This is one of the advantages of writing English blog instead of our native language blog.

  4. Dear Myo and Michael, gelato is a cms for tumblelogs, I mean lightweight blogs, thats why is not possible to compare it with wordpress.

    Myo thanks for your post and we will take into account your features requested :)

  5. Thanks. Pedro. I believe that the most of bloggers love to allow their readers to write a comment in their blogs.

  6. Thanks, Pedro for your comment. I forgot to mention that it’s a lightweight tumblelogs. I’m sure that it will be popular soon.

  7. Hey, Thanks for the sharing information on Gelato.. need to give a try!