Analyze your site with reinvigorate


I’m currently enjoy using reinvigorate because of it’s full stats live update, Web 2.0 layout design and it’s client snoop program that track in real time. You should try it out! But at the moment, it is in private invite version.



8 responses to “Analyze your site with reinvigorate”

  1. Thanks for the link brother…

    I’m looking forward to getting an invitation.

  2. Looks cool! Waiting for the invitation now :)

  3. @Girish Bhaskaran

    You’re welcome brother


    I’m sure you’ll say more than that while you’re using this service

  4. Wow, looks interesting! I have registered. Waiting for the invitation now. :)

  5. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I really like this tool.

    I’m just loving the interface. There’s a cool feature called name tag by with you can associate an IP with a name and track a person’s movement around your blog – which is very cool.

    Plus that Snoop desktop tool, as you mentioned is great fun! I can watch things live as they happen – people coming via Google, via StumbleUpon, etc. Not to mention that Snoop has sound alerts, which is damn cool :D

    There are some issues which I have with it though, like it’s not much accurate as far I’ve tried.

    Overall, I really like Re-invigorate, the fact that it can show my traffic real time is one thing that keeps me attached. :)

  6. You’re right, Shankar.

  7. Thanks for information. Can I have an invitation?

  8. You can sign up without invitation. It is out of beta :)