Aviary HTML 5

Aviary which I have posted in this blog before, that allows you to capture the whole web page. Now it has HTML 5 image editor that can change your photo with instant camera, toy camera, old photo and retro effects.

It allows not only effects but also you can put the text, cool stuffs, adjust color and situation and some more and embed on your blog or site as well.

Try it out Aviary HTML 5

Share files online with ge.tt

If you are familiar with online file sharing services, you won’t be surprised. ge.tt is an online file sharing service allows you to share multiple files with single click. ge.tt gives you more features like live statistics and managing files after you sign up but signing up not really required though.


Drag and Drop file sharing with DropMocks

DropMocks is a easiest way to share files from your desktop or whatever simply with just drag and drop. It is a web site that allows you to upload multiple files and put into one shorten url and show all the files as gallery album like iTunes. Signing up is not required. As of now, it only supports Google Chrome and Firefox.



I have been seeing these avatar on my thai friends’ Facebook walls lately. At first don’t know where they get and how they made it. I didn’t have a chance to ask them too. Difficult to search in Google using (.com) US. Then I switched back to google.co.th and made some searches and found it.

It is DTAC one DIY, a Facebook flash application let you to choose face, hair, shirt, etc of your choice and create avatar for your Facebook profile and save photos as your Facebook photos album.

To create DTAC one DIY, just go to http://apps.facebook.com/dtaconediy

goo.gl – Google Url Shortener

This buzz has been floating for a while and Google has been using goo.gl url shortening feature in Google toolbar and Feedburner. Finally Google made goo.gl url shortener public. Goo.gl is url shortening service from Google and perform the same functionality like other  url shortening services. It can track clicks, referrers, countries, OS platforms, etc. To use it, just go to goo.gl and login with your Google account if you want to track your shortened urls.


Share ideas on website with Bounce

Bounce is a tool that let you share ideas on website with your friends or partners that you’re working on. Just type the url and draw some marks, then click the Save button. It will give you a link that you can share to Facebook or Twitter if you want.


PicknZip – Download your photos from Facebook

PicknZip is an online tool that lets you to download your photos from your Facebook account. You can either download your photos as zip format as well as PDF file format. You can not only download your photos Facebook but also you can download your friends’ albums and photos or pictures you have been tagged. No registration required, just connect with your Facebook account.

What will you look like in next 20 years

Nobody want to get old. I’m also included there. In20years.com will digitally make your face older and show you how you will look like in next 20 years. You just need to upload your photo. There is an option to choose +30 years which made you look more older.Below is the sample, I tested with my photo. LOL


I saw this contact form few times on some web sites and blogs. Later I found that it is a service from Visitorcontact.com. VisitorContact is a contact form service which can be used for your visitors to contact you through contact form from your website and blog. You don’t need to write any scriptor programming language for this purpose. Just signup and fill up some information and grab the code and put it in your blog or web site.