I have been seeing these avatar on my thai friends’ Facebook walls lately. At first don’t know where they get and how they made it. I didn’t have a chance to ask them too. Difficult to search in Google using (.com) US. Then I switched back to google.co.th and made some searches and found it.

It is DTAC one DIY, a Facebook flash application let you to choose face, hair, shirt, etc of your choice and create avatar for your Facebook profile and save photos as your Facebook photos album.

To create DTAC one DIY, just go to http://apps.facebook.com/dtaconediy


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  1. Thank you for that! I was just searching on google too! Wouldnt be able to find it so easily if you didn put it up on your blog!

  2. Very easy to find on google ;-)

  3. Hi! I’m Flora Tang, I’m 9 year old~~~~

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    Ple nattha


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    -nto sii adut oye-

    Azzzzzz …

  6. hi……….I’m Flora~~~ my really name is Sin Chen……


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    Fantom Fang

    Guys, can u change the color of shirt? how?

  9. jl.tegalwareng.21.

  10. wow it’s a cool