Convert Audio Online with

If you don’t have any software in your machine to convert music files to another music file type like mp3 or wma, is for you. is an online tool that allows you to upload any music files and convert into mp3, ogg, wav and wma file format. You just need to upload your music file and once uploaded, it will let you choose music file type and bit rate you’re going to convert. allows up to 250MB file size for each file.

Turn your site into mobile friendly with Mobify

I have been using Mofuse to make my site mobile friendly for quite sometimes. Yet, this is another service called Mobify. Mobify is a web based service allows you to create a mobile friendly for your web site.  One of the features I like from Mobify is that selective content. You can select any content from your site to show in mobile friendly page that makes more your visitor to access your site easily from their mobile and save bandwidth. For example: you can remove unwanted content like sidebar, links, footer and ads from your site. Custom template allows you to style your mobile friendly page and live preview is provided so that you can know what your site look like on different mobiles like iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. Mobify supports additional features like Plugin and custom domain as well.



Wibiya is a javascript widget includes a set of tools let your visitor browse, search, translate and randomly show your blog posts, share to any social medias and become Facebook fan through your blog and get you more Twitter followers.



Wibiya has Google and local search (your blog search) and results are shown in your site, your site content is still remain.

Translate, Recent posts and Ramdom posts

For translation, Wibiya uses Google translate and Recent posts shows the latest posts with thumbnail. Random let your visitors to browse your posts randomly.

Social tools

RSS, Share button, Facebook and Twitter make Wibiya widget useful for your blog. Share button allows your visitors to share anywhere like delicious, digg, stumbleupon, etc. Facebook fan and community tool allows Facebook users to become the fan of your blog and they can share any posts of your blog in their profile. Twitter tool, I find is that it is very useful because it allows Twitter users to tweet your posts instantly from your site that can get traffic for your site.

Wibiya is in beta state

Currently, Wibiya is in beta state but you can request to get beta invite (of course, you have to wait for a while). I added it today and will use it for sometimes to see the results.

Create Polaroid effect photos with Rollip

I like Polaroid cameras and photos taken with Polaroid camera. But I don’t have one yet in my life. I always have been wondering of making Polaroid effect photos using Photoshop before. And of course, I did some of my photos to make Polaroid look with Photoshop lately. But as you know, not everyone familiar with Photoshop tools and it is not really easy to do. So I tried to look  for an online tool to convert Polaroid effect from digital photos. I found a service called Rolllip. Rollip allows you upload your photos and convert it into Polaroid photos within few clicks. All you need to do is to choose the effect, upload your photo and caption it. Then it will give you download link, so you can download the photo or share it on your social network of choice or by e-mail.


Build Social Networking Card with is a social networking tool to create your social networking profile very easily with just a few clicks. You can add your social networking profile like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and display them in one stream media. People can find all your social networking profiles and connect you through You can get your username in (example: and choose card templates. Though it is FREE, it also has premium account $2.95 for a month that include several skins, ad removal, and analytics for your card.


Capture whole webpage with Aviary Screen Capture

In order to capture the whole web page, I used Browsershots and Super screenshot before. Both of these tools are doing well except Browsershot has many features than Super screenshot. Now there is a new tool called Aviary Screen Capture allows you to capture the whole web page and let you edit on the fly. Aviary not only offers capturing web page capability but also let you edit, put text annotation, pencil brush, arrow and other tools as well. And you can save it into your desktop or host images online. If you’re using Firefox, it has Firefox extension as well as bookmarklets. For instance, you can use where ( is the url you want to capture).


Create your profile picture with Mypictr

This service is cool if you want to crop your face from group photo when you upload to social networking sites. Some social networking site like Facebook offers this feature but most of them don’t. The service is called Mypictr. Mypictr allows you to upload your photos let you crop and zoom on the fly and create new profile picture for you. It offers predefined size for social networking site like Facebook, Friendster as well as you can customize height and width of your photo. Try it if you don’t have Photoshop or Image editing tools.