Wibiya is a javascript widget includes a set of tools let your visitor browse, search, translate and randomly show your blog posts, share to any social medias and become Facebook fan through your blog and get you more Twitter followers.



Wibiya has Google and local search (your blog search) and results are shown in your site, your site content is still remain.

Translate, Recent posts and Ramdom posts

For translation, Wibiya uses Google translate and Recent posts shows the latest posts with thumbnail. Random let your visitors to browse your posts randomly.

Social tools

RSS, Share button, Facebook and Twitter make Wibiya widget useful for your blog. Share button allows your visitors to share anywhere like delicious, digg, stumbleupon, etc. Facebook fan and community tool allows Facebook users to become the fan of your blog and they can share any posts of your blog in their profile. Twitter tool, I find is that it is very useful because it allows Twitter users to tweet your posts instantly from your site that can get traffic for your site.

Wibiya is in beta state

Currently, Wibiya is in beta state but you can request to get beta invite (of course, you have to wait for a while). I added it today and will use it for sometimes to see the results.


2 responses to “Wibiya”

  1. It’s nice. :)

  2. I was setting up a facebook account and then stumbled upon your pages.

    It’s amazing to read how you have come so far in your career and I am proud of you as a Myanmar. I love our people and I love them to be someone in a world arena. From your pages and links, I came across about your brother and felt glad and proud for both of you.

    Well done and hope you two will become Myanmar’s own Bill Gates someday.

    Best wishes.

    Sai OK