Internet Explorer 8 Beta released and first impressions

Internet Explorer 8 Beta

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 for developers and designers. I’ve just installed on my machine and just start using it. And tried to know the features (Activities, WebSlices, Favorites Bar, Automatic Crash Recovery and Improved Phishing Filter) implemented in Internet Explorer 8 beta version. You can download IE 8 beta versions from here. I’m not sure whether IE 8 needs WGA validation or not.

First notice from this verions is that highlighted domain in address bar area.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta addressbar

Passed Acid2 Test

Yes. it passed the Acid2 test, A web standards project for browsers.

Emulation Mode

Emulation mode in IE8 can switch back to previous Internet Explorer installed on your machine.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta

Build-in developer tools to fight Firefox’s Firebug ?

Internet Explorer 8 included a very promising tool called Developer tool which is just like Firebug development add-ons in Mozilla Firefox, for web developer and designer to check xhtml, javascript and css coding without having to switch between browser and development tool. Change Compatibility Mode in Developer tool makes easier for developers to check the look of the explorer versions of Internet 5, 7 and 8. So where is 6 ?

Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1


Internet Explorer 8 adds activities include Windows Live translation, Sent with Windows Live Hotmail, Map with Live Maps, Define with Encarta and Blog with Windows Live spaces. All are from Windows Live and msn. You can add activities like eBay, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Yahoo! and MSNBC from here. Seriously, here is a sample of Windows (dead) Live maps, one of the activities from IE8. Hey! Microsoft, you can search my place in Google maps !

Activities in Internet Explorer 8 Beta

See all the Internet Explorer 8 beta features


4 responses to “Internet Explorer 8 Beta released and first impressions”

  1. Nice review, even I too liked the domain highlighting part. Many websites are messed up in IE8, need to realign them.

  2. Yes. it passed the Acid2 test, A web standards project for browsers.

    When you wrote this, post I wanted to reply that IE8 doesn’t pass Acid test but I didn’t have time to search the reference link from my favorite.

    now, I got the link Why Isn’t IE8 Passing Acid2?

  3. Mike

    IE passes with this test2. Here is a link

    I only test with this. But yeah as they said in the post, IE8 failed in new acid2 test

    Acid2 test contains complicated div elements that forms to smiley face. Browser needs to render correctly, as I understand. ha ha ha :D

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    Kyaw Thet Htet

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