Making money from online is hard

CPC (Cost-per-click) in my Adsense is very low and generated only $27.70. First I thought that Google reduces CPC rate in Adsense. But I found the two treads Do Multiple Adsense units reduce CPC ? and Use of multiple Adsense units drop your CPC that discussed about putting too many Adsense units can decrease CPC in adsense. Should I believe ? If you have any experience on that case, please leave comment here. I would appreciate.


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  1. yes. the same goes for me as well.. I put only two units in my blog but earning is so little.. i gotta tell you one thing.. making money online doesn’t mean putting ads in your blog.. this is what i believe. you hav to do other alternatives.. for example, doing online business or outsourcing or writing reviews or etc.. I have one friend who is making money (USD$ 150 – 500) per month from his blog.. he is writing about one jp cartoon.. he has 30,000 visitors per day… :)

  2. Yes, I knew that we can make money from online business, outsourcing and writing review but I’m not good in those, to be honest. Earning money like your friend would be great! by the way, he earn money from ads ?

  3. by the way, he earn money from ads ?

    Yes. The traffic for his site is crazy…. My friend site name is You can check about that.

  4. Hi Myo,

    As far as I know, it’s against Google policy to reveal your CTR to anyone. This may have changed, but just in case it hasn’t yet, maybe it’s better to blur it out. Meanwhile, thanks for being honest. :)


  5. Yes. Showing CTR is against Google policy but I think he is not gonna use Google Ads anymore in his site. you see, he removed all of ads now..

  6. he still has Google ads, but if Google catches him displaying his eCPM or CTR, they will spank him and disable his account.

    If his account is disabled, all unpaid revenue is lost as well.

  7. unTechy

    Thank for reminding me. I gonna hide CTR.

    Best regards,

    Myo Kyaw Htun

  8. :)

    Hopefully it’s not too late and google leaves you alone. Sorry your CPC is low, and maybe you’ll get lucky and it will go up.

    Just a note however, you CPC is higher than mine currently.

    Good Luck.

  9. Ok, that’s much better :)

    Hey Myo,

    I had some quick questions about your Widgeto theme.
    I left my questions here:
    If you get a moment please check out my questions…. thanks so much..


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