1GB iPod shuffle is now $49 and new model 2GB for $69

Apple iPod shuffle

Great news for Apple iPod shuffle fan. Apple just released the new 2GB model iPod shuffle for $69 and reduced the price to $49 for old 1GB model. But the price doesn’t change here in Bangkok as of released date. When I went to iStudio, an authorized reseller of the Apple, in Pantip plaza, they’re selling iPod shuffle 1GB model for 2250 Bahts ($66) and 2GB for 2950 Bahts ($86).


4 responses to “1GB iPod shuffle is now $49 and new model 2GB for $69”

  1. 49 is pretty cheap.. do you know whether it’s possible to change the memory card or not?

  2. LOL :D

    You can’t because iPod shuffles are fixed one. And one of the reliable mp3 players in the world.

  3. okay. man.. i’m kinda interested to buy that thing… it looks great… but i don’t want to carry extra mp3 player when I can listen songs with phone.. but i think ipod shuffle might have some advantages over phone.. still thinking whether i should buy or not.. anyway, i like that little player :)

  4. BarNyar Avatar

    wow.. cool lah..i like the red one.. !