Death photos after Nargis Cyclone

I felt sad now after look up this album from Picasa. I thought that those death people are unaware of their faith. Album contains 146 photos of natural calamity and death photos by Nargis cyclone in Myanmar. Some photos might be disturbing for some viewers.

p.s: I really don’t know who took those photos and where those was taken.


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  1. I myself had a look at that album now and have to say find it very inappropriate to be displaying images of the dead that blatantly.

  2. M. Canada Avatar
    M. Canada

    I disagree, Anthony.
    The photos are real life & death in Burma & are not for voyeurism or sensationalism but they tell the [b]real[/b] story of crisis and devastation from the cyclone in Myanmar/ Burma & the subsequent human suffering that the tyrannical Junta are turning their backs on.

    The world’s governements need to take notice & do more to remove Aid barriers & get the help to the Burmese people. Its an aboration (sp?) what the Junta are doing, and even more curious that the international leaders are not doing more.

  3. Ralph Avatar

    The photos are stark, shocking. They make me cry, despair and pray for the survivors. However, they tell the story as it is, a story of events that were beyond anyone’s control and that now cannot be changed.

    On the other hands, the actions of the military rulers and their agents are obscene,
    intentionally negligent, criminal. They will have the blood of tens of thousands of their own countrymen upon their hands. I fear the disaster that is unfolding that these despots have the power to avoid. I shudder at the thought of the depravity and suffering of the people that they have intentionally wrought, that will be shown in the next set of photos.

    God help the ordinary man, woman and child suffering in Myanmar.
    Unless the rulers change their behaviour, there must quickly come a time when either God or the international community says “enough”, and their mandate to kill their own people will come to an end.

  4. Many Thanks for sharing !

  5. Getaways Avatar

    i am not sure what my point really is on the matter, however i am sure that if it was one of my family members dead photo being displayed i would not like it one bit.

  6. I don’t know why I was looking up photos of death, but I’ve never been so inspired to pray or felt such sympathy. I am Christian and I pray that all of these people are with God, or with their God, or just at peace. During my brother’s wedding, I was a reader and while reading the intentions, I asked those there to pray for those in Myanmar and I realize now I didn’t know the depth of what I was praying for. Please, I beg you all to say a prayer again for this tragedy.

  7. love u